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Through the best of time, through the worst of times, through Nixon and through Bush

 Me and Kara were talking about remaking the Titanic so that Dr Who killed Jack and Rose while they had sex in the car and it came around to mentioning the Speed films. So I looked them up and MY! It might be because I'm really tired but the goofs are hilarious!


My favourite so far:

Near the end when Payne is talking to Jack on the phone he is seen holding the phone on the left side of his face with his right hand. While he is talking, he snaps his fingers with his other hand, however, this would have been impossible considering he was missing a thumb on that hand.

Oh dear! It's 6am and I need my bed. I'm worried the flat's gonna be locked. oops
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And we'll go out to eat, and I'll spoon you while we sleep

 Got this off the Ada one.

List 7 songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to in absolute random order.

I'll start in the same vein as her:

Daughters- Recorded inside a Pyramid. The name always stuck with me even before I properly got obsessed with this song. We saw these weird, crazy cats 2 weeks ago supporting Fall of Troy and they fucking pwned the Bore of Troy. And this song was something else too. It's discordant, fucked up and so awesome. Imagine being pawed at by a really dirty cat. Or watching someone spit on themselves for half an hour. Listen to Daughters.

The Livingbrooks - For the Love of God, Please. I always forget this band are really good, or that they're not as boring as they are in my head. They're like the nicest, sweetest sounding Ramones/Beach Boys crossover ever. They just make me smile. I heard this song the other day agaub and just went 'Guuuuuuuuuuh awesome'. I love Quote Unquote Records too, and this has Matt Kurz in the band. Ergo it's good.

Sack - The Headbanger. This song is short, sharp and fast. And it's about the idiocy of Windmilling. You *KNOW* it's stupid too. That's why Rock Night is funny. Super bad and funny. Also, the line 'Some guy asked if I was into Guitarmy/ And I said WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?' is killer. IT's also got the guy from Lillingtons/Teenage Bottlerocket and some of the guys from Teenage Bottlerocket so basically, it owns.

Kid Dynamite - Heart a Tact. So awesome. The riff that opens up this song is fist-pumping, thrash-inducing amazingness. Dan Yemin is amazing. It's short, fast, and so awesome. The lyrics are quite positive too and I wanna say it's one of the most amazing thing's you'll hear ever. I would have put 'Two For Flinching' but that's only 10 seconds long and doesn't give you ANY time to think.

X One Way X - X Generic Hardcore Song X. This song is the antithesis of boring hardcore in that it sounds like all those dumbass fucking hardcore bands that you all love to love and I love to hate but instead of being tough and retarded and boring, they are funny as fuck! The lyrics are what makes this song so priceless, although I will admit the instrumentation is well above average too. 'THIS IS A GOOD SING ALONG/ BREAKDOWNS...CAN'T GO WRONG/ GENERIC HARDCORE SONG'. The caps are for 'GROUP YELLS'. Hahaha.

Set Your Goals - To Be Continued.... Basically this song is about making the most of your time with someone. And all that. I think you can see where I'm going with this. This song is awesome. Also, To Be Continued sums it up pretty well.

Against Me! - Americans Abroad. This song rocks really hard. It's one of the best ones off the new album and while a lot of people moan about Against Me!'s change in direction, I think it's pretty awesome. The lyrics are really clever too, although being British it's a bit like singing American Idiot and trying to say that the lyrics mean something specifically that I can relate to. I can relate to it, I understand the idea of the lyrics but they come from a uniquely American point of view. So while I will sing along to this when I go see them, I won't feel like I'm becoming one with Tom Gabel.
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It was a rock lobster

I'm being a buffoon at the moment. My head hurts from thinking. I'm being melancholy for no reason. Last night was an odd mix of being happy and being sad. I'm being sad because I'm so far away from the girl I want to be with and I can't do much about it. Except I'm not going to move on and don't want to. I ended up drinking last night and while it wasn't all that much, it was plenty in a short time. Like a pint of magners and 4 VS Blue's in an hour. BINGE motherfuckers!

I went on a computer at the atrium and started speaking to this random drunk girl who deleted her Bebo. I then wasn't sure if her friend who turned up was flirting. I don't think so. Either way, felt a bit weird.

Need to scream. Probably won't. Getting lazy, too easily swayed.
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Spoke to Kara for like 3 hours last night. Which was awesome except it's driving me crazy as I miss her a lot. My mum was really pissed off 'cause she thought it was going to cost a lot (it won't have the line i used was 1p a minute calls) and then my brother got pissed off because he 'could hear me'. I cry bullshit! on that one. Then after I went into the kitchen he made me hang up even though he couldn't hear me because 'it was 4 in the morning'. What a dick. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

*sigh* :-( I'm all over the place today.
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So here's to you, all you highschool kids, I'm so sorry for what you're going through

Right. I'll start off with a request. If someone can find and link me: There's No Way "Punk Was Meant To Be Done" by Latterman I will shower them with nice things. Maybe. It's a song off their album 'Turn Up The Punk, We'll Be Listening'. I have the rest of the album but it didn't come with this track. For some fucking reason. This might require another copy of the entire album, but if it has that track I don't care.

All I've done since I got home to Edinburgh for the weekend is Download music. Currently I am a little obsessed with 80s hardcore, so I now have Channel3, Embrace, SSD, amd Ill Repute on rotation. Awesome. Particularly Ill Repute, they fucking own. Also, today, I have redownloaded Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems by Kid Dynamite (The only KD I can find on the internet, help?), the first Pennywise album, Ghost Mice's Debt of the Dead, the Self-Titled Riverdales album and the second Teenage Bottlerocket album. Man, all awesome. This will probably continue all day.

So, I'm back tomorrow. I have money now. My student loan came through. It's not much but it's a start! :-)
Daughters on Monday! Stoked!

Actually I just downloaded some Brutal Knights and I'm totally pissed I missed them on Wednesday. Sloppy, rocking and punk as fuck. Oddest song name I've seen in a while: 'Burlesque is Horseshit'

I've got nothing. I'm not reading Bleak House. It's not happening today. Sunday/Monday we'll see!

Relatives and such are coming 'round in a couple of hours. Meh.
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I bring the songs and I say I've got a lot to say

What happened to my concentration? Really! I can't focus for anything. Even on the internet it's a right struggle. I always have to have at least two things to do at once. Otherwise my mind goes 'Dosomethingelse dosomethingelse dosomethingelse thereissomethingelsetodo'. Even now as I write about this I wanna go and read Bleak House. But the minute I actually pick it up, with my computer staring at me, taunting me in the corner of my eye, I will probably struggle to focus. 

My mind wanders a lot when I'm actually reading too. I don't have a LOT on my mind at the moment, I'm reasonably content, but what *is* on my mind is playing on my mind a lot. You do the maths.

And I hate the vast amounts of poetry that we have to read. I can't really complain too much since this is an English degree but I don't enjoy poetry and I wish there was more of a seperation, course-wise, between literature and poetry. Now I do appreciate the merit in poetry; I just can't read it. Most people actually can't. It's that old adage about the best words expressed in the best order. Some arsehole said it. That's the problem with poetry longer than 20 lines. It's so crafted and so tight and so deliberate that while it is literary and worthy of note, it's just about impossible to concentrate on. It's why I'll *never* read Paradise Lost and it's why I couldn't even bring myself to concentrate on Locksley Abbey for 20 minutes (190ish lines!). I can read 250 pages of prose no problem (well...) but 250 lines of poetry is a nightmare.

What you'll not notice in the actual writing of this is that I've flicked over, instinctively, to facebook about 5 times because I'm fidgeting. 

Now I'm sure I mentioned this over the summer that one of the people at Port Orleans over the summer kept telling me to calm down. Now, you know that ain't helping too don't you! I'm never calm and I think that this is part of it. Even now, writing all this... I'M ON EDGE!!

So, anyway, I'm gonna stop ranting too much...

So I'm totally loving, for some reason, the CombatWoundedVeteran album I have. Powerviolence is quite a tough genre to get into, I'm sure, but I just love the intensity. And the drumming. And the short attention span required to get through an entire 19 track album (19 minutes!). Away. I might try read some before bed. Or watch Futurama.
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In the Wal-Mart of Punk Rock

This is hangover music. The Methadones. Awesome. It does exactly what it needs to, ie: it doesn't make me feel any better but I feel the kindred-spited-hungover-ness of the music. 

I'm going to File last night as "File Under Awesome" and I'm not sure why. I don't remember the details AT ALL. In case you hadn't noticed, I broke my mini-edge. This was Chris' (and my) fault on Thursday. However, I'm only dwelling on the Florida-past at the moment, so fuck it. Whatever! I have no will power. Last night was "File Under Awesome" and here's why (despite previous assertions that I don't know):

I was really drunk and it didn't entirely suck. I don't think I was a burden 'til I was walked home, even then I have nooooo idea why. But it was the right call!
Apart from walking home, and needing to be walked home (I need to find Emoro-ss and make an apology he won't want to hear) I had fun.
I have no recollection as to anything Ally's friend/(Flatmate?) said but I woke up and talking to her was one of the very clear things I remembered this morning. Don't remember a single thing she said but she was cool. Was her name Jackie? or is that waay off the mark.
I don't remember a single song they played last night. Excellent.
What time did I get walked home?

Dan Schafer, I love thee. This is another slice of my life going down in the annuals. I say cliché funny.
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Chomp at the bit, and bite at the masses.

I have just been to my first class of the semester. 

I've been back at Uni since Sunday now and it has been good. I've seen all my friends, distributed presents liberally and I've remained sober the entire time. Woo! I don't care for wasted freshers. I'm too mature. I got asked if I was a fresher at the start of the week, and I said 'No, I'm in Third Year' and I think I got laughed AT for it. Oh well, can't help being young AND handsome. 

My new schtick for this semester is that I'm Awesome. 'Cause I really am :-P. 

The banter with Mike, particularly, has slided right back into place. Same as before, crude and hilarious. I still can't work out why the hell c8ck is funny at all? lol.

I'm hopefully getting a radio show at the uni. Gonna play punk music, obviously, and make cynical comments about how awesome *I* am for listening to punk music. 

I need to read 40 pages before 4pm. I will need to go do this now. I'm hungry, broke, my teeth hurt. And I miss Kara a lot. A lot. :-(

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